Lisbon Vs Buenos Aires

Hi Everyone,

With Buenos Aires rapidly becoming more and more expensive i've been looking at other desirable cities that are more affordable with a similar lifestyle.

I've been drawn to Portugal, ignoring the obvious language differences i'm trying to weigh up the reasons for staying in Buenos Aires and not moving to Lisbon or surrounding areas 'Which i'm finding hard'.

1. Rental is cheaper and more sq.
2. Food is cheaper and better.
3. It has a beach.
4. Weather is great.
5. Health care not so bad if your private, same as buenos aires.
6. Low Tax benefits for expats.

Can anyone weigh-in there thoughts, will Buenos Aires become more desirable in a year or two ?
Anyone ever lived in Lisbon and think Buenos Aires would be a better choice ?

If you was a remote worker and could live in Lisbon Madrid London Barcelona or Buenos Aires which city would you pick solely for quality of living.

i.e I'm married with child so partying getting and laid are not deciding factors.

BA is going to get worst for political reasons and political violence might arise.
Instead of Portugal, I recommend Barcelona.
Same language, beach, cheaper housing and food and a beautiful city. My brother lives there.
Pick Lisbon, Madrid or Barcelona. The choice is up to you. Barcelona is probably the best choice, unless you want to live cheap, in which case Lisbon is the best option.

London is too expensive. Buenos Aires is too difficult.
Please elaborate.
More skaremongering from The Dok which is particularly interesting, since during the twelve ´Golden Years´, we happy few never actually predicted violence, politically or otherwise and under even worse circumstance than we find ourselves in today, it never materialised. Except from her of course.
Please elaborate.
The vice President asserted on TV that the elections of this year were not needed for now (?) and that the President should stay 6 years instead if 4 (both are in the National Constitution).

From this to a self coup d'État there is a thin red line.

This administration forgets that in the last modification of the National Constitution were made some specific changes to avoid a new coup d'État.

The 2 most importants are 1) this is betrayal and 2) any citizen is legally allow to use letal force for self defending democracy.

So, if they really want to cancel elections because they are going to loose them widely, then the Congress is going to enact a law calling fot elections, then what can they do? to shut down the Congress? If they are stupid/crazy enought to do that, any citizen has a legal permit to kill them. And the most reactionary and violent people in this country are those who voted for this administration, they are the real danger not the opposition.

I witnessed how people rebuked Duran Barba at the parking of Alto Palermo some weeks ago. One after another went until him with some complains / insults. One of them was begging, please do not forgive the middle class, I voted for him and he is destroying me. I replied to him that after the self forgiving of 4.5 billion usd, I doubt he cares about him or even the elections.

The day after the news was that Duran Barba made a poll asking how many people wanted Macri to resign.

I didn't see something like this since Cavallo after the crisis of 2001.

So, this doesn't looks good.
Right now, Lisbon would be the more pleasant place to be. Madrid and Barcelona may be better connected than Lisbon but compared to BA that difference would be nothing. I suspect Lisbon (or Porto) would be overall be cheaper and nicer to live than other major Iberian metropolis.

I don't know about the other cities in Europe, but if schooling is important Portuguese public schools would be decent (although how decent would depend on catchment areas) and private schools won't be that expensive.
I've spent some time in Lisbon and may do so again soon. Nice town Lisbon and not too pricey. Tons of hills though, and a lot of trudging to be done. Essential to learn the tram routes.
I do not feel Madrid and Barcelona are cheaper to live. They are different cities, do not have the vibe that BsAs has. Lisbon is even less of that.
But they are good places to retire now, wait there til the situation in BsAs improves or changes.