Living cost

IMHO, the prices quoted by Perry are too high. Prices in dollars have gone up "only" 250% since 2001, when they were ridiculously low. Anyway, Argentina is wildly expensive now. To be in line with USA prices, the dollar would have to be worth about thirty pesos.
Are you talking about 2 year contracts for Argentines or short term rental prices?

When I lived in Argentina about 5 years ago, my then Argentinian girlfriend paid 400 USD (2 year contract) vs me 1000 USD (short term), both a single bedroom.

I wonder who would be paying 3500 USD, not many I guess. I will be back for 3 months in September and hope to find a single bedroom apartment in Palermo for around 1000 USD.
I suggest you have a look at the link of 4 bedroom houses for rental in Palermo . Belgrano, and Villa Crespo all solid middle class areas and the prices would make New Yorkers blush . Most houses in Palermo that consist of 4 bedrooms are asking approximately US$ 5,000 or more . The real estate market have become very espectulative and everyone believes that their property is worth a fortune .
The prices I have quoted are based on 10 years knowledge of valuating properties in Capital Federal . House rentals in middle class areas for 4 bedroom properties are minimum US$ 3,500 per month or more . I have left a link attached of all the houses for rental in Palermo . Belgrano, and Villa Crespo and the average price is even higher than my quoted price

Perry very good data.... means about $84,000 pesos wow must have income of say $320 000 per month
Rental prices in CABA, as well as sale prices of properties, are negotiable. Owners of properties may be posting rental prices at the high end of the spectrum in preparation for a negotiation?
Yes counteroffers of 20 percent less are standard but if you look at the prices they are illogical for the real economy . 5000 Us dollars a month is now 125000 pesos a month. They should be by my calculations 50 percent less as to reflect the real economic earnings of argentinians. Also gracielle these properties are not in the best neighbourhoods of the city