Living in a house in Capital Federal


I can't. this means, this option is not for me?
I did not mean "contract" someone to stay in the house while you are away. My extended family offers the use of their homes, while they are away, to relatives and friends who live in small apts to enjoy temporarily a garden and a terrace in peaceful surroundings. And they leave the pantry stocked and the refrigerator full.

Perhaps an alternative could be a PH in a small bldg as opposed to an apt in a large complex. It doesn't appear to me that living in a house might be a good choice for you.

Rich One

I could give a answer to that. But some members here may get offended with my answer and I want to be in harmony. My issue has implications with CONVID -19.

For this thread, I do not want to deviate from my original query.
I understand your problem .. if one has visitors to the building neighbours may resent it .

My neighbour from across the hall told me during the quarantine that owners had agreed to go out ONCE a day, and that I had gone out 3 times that day. The neighbour his wife and child, stood in the hallway and scolded me and pleaded consideration for them as well as myself being in a high risk group..!! He indicated that I could be reported..!

Similar situations happened to Heath workers that are resented by building tenants.