Local Cheese


Sep 15, 2008
I'm hoping someone might be able to suggest the name of a really good type of local cheese. I'm heading back to the States for Thanksgiving and want to bring some great local cheese for my family. The only restriction is that it not be really soft (like Brie) so that I get help up at customs. Any suggestions?
mmm I'd say skip the cheese and bring fiambres instead. If you can find some artesanal cheeses then they are good, but I'd say Argentina excels in cured meats and sausages but the cheeses are a bit weak, especially inside of Capital -- best to go buy farm-direct or at artesanal stores if you want something that will impress anyone back home...
Thanks syngirl - I wish the assignment wasn't to supply for a cheese tasting, or it would be easier. I'm going to ask around a few shops and see what kind of answers I get. Thanks for the reply.
I agree with syngirl...but if you must take cheese I found some very nice cheeses at the out door Belgrano Market...it's about 5 or 8 blocks from the Mitre train station heading west...they are just inside the door to the left. It's been a while since I have been there but they sampled it out and also had wonderful cured meats, they will also vacuum seal it for you too...do a combo of both is my suggestion...and take some nice Dulce de leche too!

**they are closed about 2:00ish till 4:30 I believe