Looking for a 3Bdr Apartment in Manhattan,NY


Oct 23, 2007
Hi! I'm Ernie's friend. I'm looking for an apartment for 3 adults in Manhattan, NY.
We'll be arriving on November 7th and returning to BA on December 18th.
Nothing too expensive please! It's a business trip, but we are paying for it!!! Thks!!!
Internet connection a must! = )
Thks for your reply! I've been checking that website but haven't found anything that fits my needs so far, because of the dates or the price.
Check out the classifieds here. If nothing else, you'll get a feel for NYC prices. A 3 bedroom is going to cost you some big bucks. Might be a little less in a suburb.
I just moved from Manhattan. A 3 BR is going to be *very* pricey, especially when you're there as its high season with all the tourists coming. I would guess at least 5000 USD if not more.

You can check craigslist & see what's available, they have a section just for short-term rentals.

If you're going for business, I would also suggest reaching out to your business contacts to see if they have any type of arrangement with companies that do short-term rentals for busines people.
Yes, you guys are right...the prices are really HIGH!!! and "I still haven't found what I'm looking for"...
Thank you all for your tips and data!
I'll keep on searching...