Looking for a Business Partner


Mar 19, 2009
Hello everybody,
This type of threads might not be so common, but I'm looking for a foreigner Business Partner for a new start-up in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Please take a look to the below description and in case you are interested, drop me an email with your CV and I shall tell you more.


New start - up company operating in tourism sector is looking for business partner to implement company strategy. The company offers high independence as well as young and dynamic work environment.

Key responsibilities include:
  • General management
  • Development and maintenance of client relations
  • Constant improvement of company performance
  • Create and manage trip packages
  • Client attention
Pre-requisite skills, knowledge and experience:
  • Knowledge of international tourism market
  • Highly developed client attention skill
  • Interpersonal, communication and negotiation skills
  • Energy and pro active personality
  • Advanced English; other is welcome
  • Basic Spanish
  • Live in Buenos Aires city
To apply for this role, please send a CV and a cover letter in which you describe your professional objective and explain why are you interested in this opportunity to: email [email protected], indicating the reference number in the subject REF: BPH

Have a great week!

Marcelo Baudino
Hi Marcelo,

Is the knowledge of international tourism market absolutely necessary?

Usually (using standard business English), the term "partner" implies a capital (cash) investment as well as assumption of risk (liability).

Is this a job or an investment opportunity?
I noticed that "Worldcitizen" was on line for some time after I posted this reply but did not respond.

Perhaps this is legit, but I advise extreme caution if anyone is asked to make an investment.
Hi Steveinbsas!
Many thanks for your question. As far as I understand, a "partner" implies an investment in capital and/or workforce (manpower). It is important to clarify that I have covered the financing requirements of the Project, and I'm now looking for somebody to help me manage the Start-up. The capital investment might come from the fact that it'll probably take a few months until the project starts generating earnings. In case somebody is interested in finding out more about the project, I'd be happy to answer your questions through my email.



PS: Sorry I didn't reply earlier. I left the page open.
Hi Marcelo,

Did you have any joy with finding a partner? I am arriving in BA in October and have extensive experience in start up businesses, ranging from internet, biotech, technology and renewable energy. While I do not really need to work for the next few years, I would be very interested in understanding your business plan and perhaps assisting you with it, with a view to creating a sustainable business in the future. I don't have a CV as such having normally been the principal financier (and in several cases the manager) of the businesses, but could send you a summary of my various involvements. Would like to know more about your proposal first though (and will happily sign an NDA). Send me an email if interested.

Best regards