Looking for a good Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage!


I have had 2 massages so far in Buenos Aires, both of which were completely lacking in strength or theraputic knowledge of muscular and back issues. I'm looking for a masseuse or massage place that does Swedish or Deep Tissue massage and is on the lower-priced side if possible. Does anyone have recommendations?


Hey Masha,

I'm not really offering a recommendation because I have never actually experienced my own massage, but I have seen the results from my clients in BA over the past 2+ years that I have been practicing here. I was trained in the US in 2005 at the Humanities Center for Massage, and I still currently hold a license in the state of Florida. I am also NMT certified. I do outcalls, and I also offer massage in my studio which is a somewhat cheaper option. My studio is located 2 blocks from the D and B lines on the subte.