looking for a pipe repairman-valvulista-


Nov 21, 2008
I have serious problems with pipes in my building, especially valves
I look for a profesional pipe /repairman , especially for repairing valves (valvulista)
Any tips will be appreciated (had bad experiencia with chantas, only serious persons) Thank you
Any plomero matriculado (aka gasista here) should be able to deal with this. Explain your problems and ask for recommendations in a local plumbing supply store near your home. Frequently they employ plumbers they will send to your home. If not, they always know reliable people in the neighborhood.

Is it a gas valve or a water/pipe/valve in any case now the new janitors working in buildings mostly are gas fitters and plumbers for instance I live in Monserrat Iam a local but my husband had a very good idea and it was to call the janitor next door (from a new building) and he fixed all the faucets problems, he is also a gas fitter and now is coming to fix the heater I also have a flat that I rent and he has gone there and has fixed the gas heater, faucets almost everything and the most important is really cheap because he wants people call him so I always give him a good tip because i Know anyone would cost me an arm and a leg.
all the best