Looking for a reliable VPN


I use Proton vpn to access my bank account and some other pages, and it works fine. Never used it for streaming services, so I don't know how well it works for those type of things.


my experience with ExpressVPN was sketchy at best....it seemed the sites I wanted to access (Amazon Prime, etc) were always one step ahead of ExpressVPN....I used others that worked, but they eventually disappeared....I wasn't going to make a career out of accessing US sites, so I just quit.....kind of got fed up with paying for stuff that didn't deliver.
for bypassing geo restrictions, it depends on the location of the content, their US, Canada and UK endpoints are well maintained with many servers to keep ahead of the streaming providers restrictions. But for Ireland, their small static range of ips for the express vpn endpoints are blocked by netflix, disney, rte etc. Their support will tell you to use a server endpoint in another geo (uk, us, can) which has the content by looking up http://unogs.com/ . Also as well as IP addresses streaming services also block based on timezones/locale of your device etc.

it's a game of cat and mouse between streaming provers and vpn providers that is constantly evolving. Putting a router running openwrt with an open vpn endpoint in your home country on a broadband connection (with dynamic broadband ips) which wont be blocked would yield better result for the purpose of defeating geo restrictions


paying for stuff that didn't deliver.
well, making you indistinguishable from other people in desired location was never a promise of VPN services.
At least, not their main promise.

Their main promise is to shield you from non-free environment where certain activities and free speech are prohibited and certain websites are blocked by virtually moving you to freer location.
Spoofing location is just a by-product. Some VPN services try harder to make spoofing undetectable, some fail in this.