Looking for an Exercise/Sport Partner


Feb 27, 2009
Is anyone looking for a jogging partner for early morning or evening runs? I'd love to start going 2-3 times per week with someone.

And does anyone go to yoga or pilates classes regularly?

How about playing tennis or going to the driving range?
Hey Michelle!
lol michelle here, I would love to run, and play tennis, do where ya from? how old are ya? where abouts you living? we can exchange info, do u have facebook? let`s meet this week, let me know, I am def, interested!

Let me know, would love to start this week.
I'm also looking for someone to run with me in Parque Tres de Febrero.
Either in the morning before 10.30 or in the evenings before 7:30PM
email and let me know: [email protected]
Oh and I'm 30 something American woman (NYC) living in Palermo
Hey Michelle.
Did you have any luck finding a pilates and / or yoga class?
Hi there,

I've been taking yoga classes at Buena Onda Yoga (http://buenaondayoga.wordpress.com/). They have a few classes per week in Palermo and San Telmo. The instructors are American and the style is generally vinyasa. I've really enjoyed the classes and they're relatively inexpensive (30 pesos for 75 mins).

Also, I'm interested in joining any morning or evening running groups! My email is gilliang (at) gmail (dot) com. I'm also thinking about training for the Buenos Aires marathon in October - anyone interested?

Un bezo,
I am Fernanda, 29, from Mexico but all over the place too :)
i'd love to play some tennis! i've had my raquet lying around since i got here a few months ago!
I am not ready for a marathon, but would run a max 10 k - do any of you know if there will be other races on that date?
Anyway, i hope to hear from you girls soon