Looking for/Any new retirees


Apr 21, 2006
Hi, We are living in Kelowna, B.C. and seriously working towards retiring in Bs.As. If there are new ( or more established ) retirees from Canada, we would love to hear from you. Please don't hesitate to contact us. Thanks,jimjot ( newcomers)
Well I'm not from Canada, but US, but I too married an Argentine and retired to BA. However, while I love it here today, I've been back and forth for 30 years and have seen the ups and downs. I'm not so sure that we won't see more of the same in the future. Having said that, I must also admit that it's sort of part of the charm of the place at least for us expats with some sort of financial independence.

I've just bought a PH type house near Av. Independencia which my wife and I plan to fix up and live in eventually. It's not the nicest of neighborhoods, but it's got potential. Right now we own an apartment in Palermo which is a nice neighborhood and I think has more to recommend it, than the more up scale neighborhoods like Recoleta and Puerto Madero. At least you don't have the problems with taxis trying to rip you off as is offen the case in those neighborhoods.

By the way this Expat group has been a good experience and I've enjoyed meeting the visitors to BA who come for dinner once a month. You might try that if you do decide to come

Best of luck, Mike Anderson

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I was reading your postings and couldn't resist to write you.
I am a single guy, not really looking for a relationship but I'm 63 going and looking in my 40's darn it. Anyways, I am from the US not excitment living here and besides tired of the BS and was considering taking my early retirement but heck I only will be getting less than 1,800 mo from my SSecurity.
By the way I was in AR a couple of years ago, and had the opportunity to travel from north end to south and yes I am fluent in Spanish, and no I plan to hang around natives (no ofense) but would rather get summerge into the culture.
There is nothing worse than being with people like back home in a foreign country. Any suggestion. BTW Palermo is a great area