Looking for cheapest Dublin return possible, late May/early June


Jan 12, 2009
I see the most common routes are via atlanta, lima, frankfurt and madrid.

$1146 return with Iberia (26 may - 24 june) is the best I've found so far, with 6hr "breather" in madrid. The worst one I found was a 35 hour marathon via huge atlanta and jfk stopovers (7 and 8 hours respectively) :eek:

perhaps it's better to go to london and get a cheap easyjet/ryanair flight??
I checked the Iberia website for the dates that you stated and got a fare of Arg $4908, which is about US$1,271. The 6 hour layovers would be better if the times were a little later (going) and earlier (returning). The Madrid Metro goes right to the airport and for a low fare, you could be in the center of the city in a fairly short time and spend a few hours there.
A friend of mine has Alicia Placer at All Seasons Travel (her phone no. is 5555-3462 downtown BA) book all of her trips. I've met this delightful woman, but haven't used her services. Sometimes, travel agents get deals to which the public doesn't have access
I would never go to a travel agent whilst at home, but I think you're right, I'm tempted to go and see what they can offer me. Also, I actually need to do BA-Sardinia-Dublin-BA so even more reason to go and get a catered solution.
Iberia are usually the cheapest, but the service leaves something to be desired. I am actually doing the trip in three weeks, via Houston and Newark with Continental, and paying just over 1000 euro - But it suits me to take the long way around.

One thing I would be wary off is going via London and trying to use Ryanair for the hop to Ireland. Given you are away a month, I ssume you will have some baggage with you - they charge more for the bags than they do for the seat!!!! AND, if you miss your Ryanair flight due to your London arrival being late - TOUGH - Its not a connecting flight, and they make you pay again for another flight (and bags etc..)... They even charge you for the seat and boarding, and checking in too :).

Try kayak.com - They have Continental for under €1000 on those dates, and if you plug in your Sardinia trip, with the dates, it will give you a full listing - Excellent service... If you are confident in using a PC, I would always book on line these days - Haven't used a travel agent in years - sorry travel agents....

Business or pleasure?
supposed to be pleasure but it's going to be gruelling. I have to head to sardinia to collect a lot of my stuff and deposit it with my father in wexford - I'm going to get REALLY badly burnt on excess baggage whether it's ryanair or easyjet or whoever.

that kayak price looks one of the best there.
esllou said:
....I have to head to sardinia to collect a lot of my stuff and deposit it with my father in wexford - I'm going to get REALLY badly burnt on excess baggage....

You've kinda changed the specifications by thowing in Sardinia and excess baggage all of a sudden. Why didn't you mention those in the first place? I suggest you check out www.luggagelimits.com to find out which carriers have big allowances and work out for yourself whether it's cheaper to pay their fares and get all/most of your luggage free or pay excess baggage rates on a cheap airline. I've had up to 46kg free between S America and Europe before.
Definitely also check out Cheapo Air (http://www.cheapoair.com/). I just did a quick search for your itinerary using their "Multiple Cities" option which allows you to search for exactly what you need - i.e. EZE > CAG, CAG > DUB, DUB > EZE. For your overall dates I was coming up with $1,485 including all taxes and fees, via Alitalia and Air France. That sounds pretty decent to me, given the multiple cities aspect of your trip. If you tweak the dates, its possible you can get it even lower.

I haven't a clue on the baggage allowance end of things which airlines allow/charge more. Good luck!
yeah, I was playing around with cheapoair the other day too. Might be better off just getting everything all in one ticket like that.