Looking for dog friendly furnished apartment


Dec 27, 2008
Hi, Everyone,

I am looking for a monthly rental on a quiet, leafy street in Palermo Viejo. I need a unit with that is VOIP Compatible (meaning the cable connections must be in the apartment not just wifi that is stolen from the neighbors), would like a pool, someplace with a safe box, building security, wi-fi internet, non-smoking, theft insurance, housekeeping and cable TV (including US Stations). Having a local cell phone included would be a plus.

I would rent for one month, but if the unit is great, there is a good possibility I will be there for 6 months or more. I am single, a non-smoker, willing to pay no more than $650 USD per month with utilites included.

Prefer no buildings more than 5 stories high in view. I like trees and parks views. Also, I have a small very clean dog, only 5 lbs and very well trained. He travels with me often so he has excellent references. Must have a patio, terrace or some reasonable outdoor space.

Please let me know what you have. I look forward to hearing from you.