Looking for gay guys

After having read a large number of catty and negative comments by women on this forum, I would like to meet some fun gay guys. I am pretty sure that they will be more fun than a group of girls together which always turns out to be a competitive event. So, any gay guys out there that fancy meeting up?
I am more than happy to meet you! I have other female friends who prefer the company of gay men over women. I know what you mean about "cats" so you are more than welcome to join my partner and me and our other gay friends! I love shopping :)))
Ieva-I have to say: you are absolutely right! Go make gay friends as women can be so catty sometimes and at least you won t face competition from other women (married, not married or otherwise) when you go out! You will be the star of the show.
My boyfriend and I are a gay couple. We have been together for 10 years. We have been in BA for 6 months now...hit me up with a PM if you want more details! Lee
Hey Lee I am far from catty. My best gay friends live in Misiones though I know some here. Feel free to post me on the note thingy on the left side bar.
Do you realize you posted this thread on the Women's Forum? Igor could probaly set you up with a Gay Forum if you ask. He set Marc up with a Book Forum last week. I have gay friends looking for gay guys - I have been getting the best links from them on the PUMAS. Have fun with this new links!