Looking For Laundry Detergent For Sensitive Skin


Jul 1, 2013
Hi women,

I have a super sensitive skin and due to the water and the laundry detergent in argentina rashes everywhere. In my home country (Holland) i use special laundrydetergent either from Neutral or Eucerin. You know the stuff that has no perfume, no conservatives etc.

All the farmacia's and docters tell me its not available here. Well my question is... does anybody know how i can get laundrydetergent for sensitive skin, maybe via a webshop or a organic store? or something?

Thanks in advance
A desperate Women
I think your best bet would be to make it yourself. I found this recipe online but am not sure if you could find the ingredient equivalents in Argentina :(. Good luck!!

The water is murder here. Sometimes I feel like I'm taking pool water showers. The staining on drinking glasses and other surfaces tells the story. Even if you got your hands on decent fragrance free detergent, the water would still be a problem. I've been looking into water filters that will soften and remove chlorine from water, then it might be a little better.
I know that at the Galpon Organico in Chacarita they sell an "eco-friendly" laundry detergent. Not sure if it will help you. I have not tried it and don't know enough about it (I brought enough with me from the US...) but have been considering getting it to test it. They have other eco products as well for the house.

The Galpon Organico is open Wednesdays and Saturdays from 10am-6pm. They are right next to the train station in Chacarita. You have to walk down an alley that looks like it's part of a villa but at the end, there is the galpon with lots of organic items.

I go there weekly, so let me know if you have any questions.
I can recommend you Ala Camellito. That is the one I use for my baby´s clothes. Not much I can do about the water though. You can find this detergent in most supermakets, it comes in a yellow bottle / bag.
Have you tried baby detergents? Woolite would be my suggestion as well - try the baby or extra delicate version which should be less harsh.

There is a natural hand soap from Spain called Heno de Pravia which is natural. It's not detergent and I'm not sure where you'd find it here, but it has a good reputation for being gentle. I suppose you could soap up your laundry before putting it in the wash, it will be more time consuming, but might be worth it if you can't find a good detergent.
Thanks everybody!!!
I've been washing with woollite but there is stil to much perfume in that...
def gonna try to find organic laundry detergend or starting my own laundry detergend brewery ;)
Do 2 wash cycles or more to make sure all soap particles are removed... my Xp