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I will be moving to Buenos Aires in August and need to find a job that pays money. I have found many non-paid internship opportunities on the internet, but I need to have an income during the year I spend in Buenos Aires.
Any ideas?


It really helps here to have contacts. Aside from some English teaching you could teach any number of subjects in a "bilingual" school. The school year starts in March but sometimes openings occur before. What are your skills?
My gf gets 900 peso for 30 hours a month with 20 days off for study and 10 days of for holiday, with health care and pension-payments for a adminstrative job

So you better be able to make some money with playing the guitar if you want to survive


We are looking for a young patient and kind woman english or american who could help us with our son of 1 year and half old.
Few hours a day, to take him from garden at 14:00 and play with him, have a lunch,
play and walk when the weather allow.
We live in Buenos Aires, Barrio Flores,