looking for work

Neil Logan

Dec 19, 2008
My name is Neil Logan,I arrived in Argentina on the 4th of December.I have a flat in central Mar de Plata but can move to Buenos Aires if required.
I am from Scotland but have spent the last 20 years in Spain,I am a trained chef & time served butcher,I am seeking employment of any type.Can anyone help me find employment or give me tips on how I can look.
I would appreciate any help whatsoever,Thanks in anticipation My email address is-: [email protected] :)
"Salt Shaker" (I think that's the pseudonym under which he posts in this forum) may be able to help, Neil, as serving food is his business.

From what I've seen of carnicerías in the Cono Sur, you probably wouldn't prefer employment as a butcher (nastier than in Britain or the States, and ill-paid to boot). Owning a restaurant, by contrast, appears to be as profitable proportionately as it is in our home countries.
Thanks RWS Would still like to give The food buisness down here a go,yes i think the butchers here are terrible and so backdated but I am qualified to teach european butchery which optimises all the cuts to there best potential,But change is the hardest thing ive found .Thanks again RWS
Just curious, what are the practices among butchers that you see that you find objectionable? Are conditions unsanitary?
Maybe you should apply to one of the culinary schools? Or you can do what lots of people do, bring people on Argentine parrilla & cooking lessons.