Looking to buy household items


Jun 9, 2008
Hello hello. I am moving into a new apartment, completely bare, and I need everything. If anyone is leaving the city and has a few things to take off their hands, please let me know what you have available. I don't mind things being used (I've always been a fan a second-hand markets!), but I'm looking for good quality things in good condition, and I will pay a fair price. Here are a few specific things, but I would like to hear about everything available:

Dishes, glasses, mugs, silverware, shelves, kitchen/bathroom organizers, cooking utensils, pots, pans (stainless steel or iron, not Teflon), wok, kitchen accessories (glass jars for storage, pitchers, etc. Nothing plastic), bookcase, baskets, towels, shower curtain, sofa, chairs, bar stools, bodega, night stands, hangers, closet organizers, outdoor furniture for terrace, ironing board, a bed frame (190 x 180cm), household and outdoor plans, and more.

Basically, the only things I do have are: mattress, desayunadora (bar), living room table, and fridge!

Please refer my requests to friends and acquaintances who are leaving the city/moving house/getting rid of a few things! I live in Palermo and can pick things up. Thanks a lot, and if you would like to send my email to anyone, send me a private message and I will send it.


Craiglist is the good source for this kind of stuff. Also check out the Salvation Army in Pompeya. Pompeya has many second-hand stores.
Address: Avenida Sáenz 580, Capital Federal
Hours: 9am-Noon, 2pm-6pm
I have two hanging racks that you could use until you buy some closets. They have a shoe shelf at the bottom & wheels.
$100 pesos each.

Are you still looking for items. I have sold my apartment and have everything.