Looking to get pepperoni, italian sausage for my pizza.


are you talking about carusi? those pies are fantastic!
Carusi Pizza closed last month. I stopped in there in August and his ingredient quality had hit the floor. He couldn't get any of his normal stuff because the shipping from BA had become difficult and expensive. imported cheeses and sausages that he was using before were non existent. He was really down in the dumps. I bought a pie from him but it was not good compared to his pizzas before covid. A Napoli pie needs to be eaten in the moment, not 15 min after the walk back to your apt.

He said he was leaving to Australia as soon as possible but before that he would probably go to San Martin and work making pizzas for the tourists there.

Last week I ordered a pizza from the largest pizza place in town "Franz and Pepeoni" I preheated the oven as to get it a little hotter when it arrived. I left in there for 5-10 minutes. Took it out, had to cut it because they forgot. I ate one slice and threw the rest of the pie in the garbage it was terrible. The cheese was this weird grainy shit.

I don't throw away food that I've paid for, even if it's not that great. I had no problem throwing that whole pizza in the trash.


damn, that's really sad to hear.

neuquen pizza always made me sad too. i had some OK ones at Owe (the pub) but i never found anything near as good as carusi.


Corte Carniceria in Belgrano sells fresh Italian sausages and I've taken it out of the casing and sautéed it with a little extra red pepper and it's nice on a pizza.

Pierre Smith

It's a very dark future we're looking at, imported food-wise. I've been to Cuba several times, and have to reservations about declaring it to be possibly worst food on earth. A generation of privation due to the embargo + communism has ruined must once have been a great cuisine. We're talking pizza wherein the "sauce" is ketchup and the "cheese" is a sort of soy milk constitute.

I shudder to imagine what Argentina faces . . .