Macri Or Fernandez's Who Will Win Paso

Who Will Win PASO Macri or Fernandez

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You mentioned your wifes family being much better off now but in the last 30 years most of them have been under peronist governments who helped them get educated . I find this very ironic!

Peoples cannot prosper if their wages are low as they are now . Argentina when Macri came into power had the highest wages in us dollars in South America . Now we have the second lowest just above Venezuela .

Social programs are at best a few billion dollars a year of the budget . Macri just spent illegally over 10 billion us dollars a month using the precious us dollars to keep the peso from collapsing . Of course most of that money was used for speculation and is out of the country now .

People are guided by their governments and laws . Argentinian people are civilized , hard working , and creative . Yes they can be unruly as well but with a good solid government that respects peoples basic dignity they can thrive like no other society in South America
So if what your saying is true why are so many of those that grew up in the same conditions with the same government and the same opportunities still groveling in poverty? Hmmm FACT!

Argentinians are hard-working and creative. Quoting you, if that were true they would not stomach Peronismo. But they will any with even a nominal amount of creative thinking would realize decades of Peronismo has only produced a cycle of problems. I could say so much more but I will not.

People are guided by their governments uff do not do that. And no you're not like no other society in South America? The Uruguayans in my experience excel more than Argentinians. Actually them I do feel for they sort of ended up hitched to Argentina and Brazil now that is a shame.

However, I do love and care about my Argentinian family and friends they are wonderful and I wish all the best for them.

Enough of the debate and the cycle will continue but maybe just maybe.