Magazines anyone?


I had some friends visiting from San Francisco and they brought a stack of magazines they had around the house. If you need some reading material, send me a pm and let me know. This is what I have: (5) Metropolis Magazine (design), (3) OUT Magazine, (1) Atomic Ranch Magazine (design), (3) PC World Magazine, (2) Dwell Magazine (design), (1) Esquire Magazine. I will have some more in a couple of weeks...still reading:)


I would like ALL of them after everyone else is done reading them.

I would like to cut out pictures for vocabulary words (teaching English), so I will destroy the magazines. That's why, if someone else actually wants to read them, I think that they should go to her/him first. Getting stuff in English is hard enough already to then have to worry about people slicing up perfectly good magazines makes it even worse.

Let me know.