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Anyways, dont let those Brit Felons use the lame excuse of a football match to fade centuries of friendship between both countries...we love Ireland, we love Irish people and we love Donkey Piss pubs ;)

I still dont understand why Platini lobbies to forbid video assistance for referees. Football is a game where, unlike most others, the occasions to score are extremely rare. This makes the referee decisions much more important and video backing would really help.

Remember as well that the masses of money brassed by that sport put a lot of pressure on referees.

That very tight match with Ireland at least tells a lot about the odds of the French team for the next championship. The team should wear some green t shirts for at least one match in memory of this unfair decision, by the name of Pope!


Some fresh news coming from France.

The unfamous small Briton named Domenec, training the french national team, admitted he will earn 826,000 Euros (1.2 million dollars) after the qualification of France for the world championship. He first denied the news to medias.

Football is indeed a shady world where business seems to outweight any kind of sport spirit. Keep this in mind while sponsoring this game, be it by watching matches or by paying your entry fee or any derived marketing produce.:rolleyes:


And whilst Barca may have won todays World Club Game against Estudiantes, it was good to see The French Cheat booked for diving - If only that ref had been in a certain other game :).....

And on another line, naturally nothing has changed in the FIFA world to make sure errors like this don't happen again. Suits FIFA's TV sales to have France rather than Ireland there, so why rock the boat....

Just a thought.... If it had been the other way around, and an Irish hand had lead to a goal that had put France out - I wonder if things may have been decided differently by FIFA....