May 28, 2008
I know that someone already posted on cosmetics a while back, but does anyone know where/if I can find Chanel make-up? I've looked at the different places that tend to sell a lot of the int'l cosmetic products, but I haven't had any luck as of yet...apart from random stuff on mercadolibre. Any helpful tips out there from similarly picky women???
There is a place on Cabildo between La Pampa y Lacroze (sorry I can't be more specific, I can't rmember exactly where it was, but it was on the north side of the street) -- the sold a number of foreign lines, including Laura Mercier so I suspect they may have Chanel.
A warning -- the prices for foreign cosmetics are much higher in Argentina. MAC -- which in Canada is essentially an entry level company -- offers powders at home for $20 dollars. Here the same item is $45 dollars. Products from foreign companies are regularly featured in Para Ti magazine with list prices of well over 150 pesos for items that are only $20-30 dollars in North America.
I used to buy Bobbi Brown at home, and still do when I get the chance, but here I have switched to buying Avon -- they have very good quality products at reasonable prices -- I think their press powder was 35 pesos, has a nice case and good sized mirror. The packaging is very nice as well (which is really what you're paying for when you buy high end cosmetics anyway). They have a number of Avon beauty Centres around town where you can purchase all products -- there is one on Sta Fe near Callao I believe.
At Paseo alcorta mall, there is a huge area for cosmetics ( not sure if it was on the ground level or first level ), they carry all major brands ( Channel, Clinique, Estee Lauder, Givenchy, etc )
I'm leaving for BA in a month and will be staying for 6 months. I was wondering if you guys could tell me what beauty products are more affordable in Argentina than back home (Canada). Just so I can have an idea of what I should stock up on before I leave and what I should wait to buy. For example, I was planning on buying a hair straightener but I have no idea how much that would cost in BA. Also, does anyone know if they have Aveda products?
Thanks so much!
I actually searched for it myself about a month ago (I use a Chanel moisturising cream) and even contacted Chanel themselves. I can therefore confirm that Chanel does NOT stock make-up or any beauty products...only the whole of Argentina! There is only one exception (so they told me) and that is the duty free section of Ezeiza (although the last time I left the country I can't remember seeing anything there either...I could be wrong). Sorry to have to break the bad news. If its any consolation, theres a mac in alto Palermo and I'm sure I've seen Dior around somewhere...
thanks for everyone's input! I've tried some other lines and my skin went crazy on me...I'm wondering if maybe having my parents ship some of the products...anyone else want anything while I'm at it?
Be careful shipping stuff. If it's not sent registered post with signature required it will get stolen. I've also had packages stuck at customs at Ezeiza airport which took me 4 hours in person to release and cost more than the price of the goods in tax!!!
NO Aveda :( !! I stocked up on all my Aveda products and also a friend that owns an Aveda salon is on her way her and she is bringing me products...yeah!!
If you do ship...the best way...Express mail international, through the USPO, have the shipper mark the products as "gifts" and write on the outside of the box "personal items"...and give the value as very very low... don't list all the products just a few and be's expensive put if you go to the USPS website you can get the costs per pound...don't ship anything to heavy it's a red flag also...keep it around 10 pounds tops..or less....this will get to your house and not the post office from hell in downtown!
When you come back don't claim any skin care or hair care products either...gotta play the game when going through customs!
Also, I found out flying from the U.S., recently...that American Airlines allows 2 - 70 pounds suitcases shipped as just need to be sure the person checking you in double checks on this or you can get charged for extra luggage and weight.
Good luck!
Yeah, I'd look into shipping methods closely if I were you. I got my mother to send some creams over (twice) by certified British mail (usually a v reliable method) and they both went missing. I think beauty products and bathroom type things are targeted.
I also have v sensitive/picky skin and had a similar experience of bad reactions to most products. However, after reading an article on French beauty products, I purchased some Avene products (the eau thermale range) and they work like a charm (just as good as Chanel). You can get it in the traditional looking chemists here (at around 70 pesos an item). For makeup, I've never found anything better than Laura Mercier (if its true that you can get it here) which is apparently designed for pickier skin!
Ashley, I just went to Laura Mercier's website and they don't sell in Argentina...and they don't ship you'll either have to have it shipped..under the disguise of "books" or stock up next time you're back or have a friend bring you a good supply.
I have shipped 3 or 4 boxes that way from N.Y., as I described before, and they did come directly to my home...the big thing is marking the items as "gifts" or they still ding you for duty on set value they have given the box...again, be sure that it's low $50 or below...have the person wrap the products in some socks or t-shirts and declare as clothes...