Mass Vaccination planned in France


Mar 26, 2009
I remember a month ago being reprimanded by Harpo about this but the French government has confirmed that all its citizens will be mass vaccinated without exceptions beginning from the end of September 2009.

This is a chilling reminder of the crazy world we now live in. In brief and in English is what will happen.

GPs are to play no role in the vaccination programme.
School age children are to be vaccinated by special mobile pandemic vaccination teams in their schools.
The largest vaccination facilities – Centers of Vaccination of a Large Capacity (Centres de vaccination de grande capacite (CVGC) – with added security (fonctionnement renforce) are calculated to vaccinate 2,100 people each day.
Vaccine “teams” are to work in parallel vaccinating people in three 4-hour blocs each day, and the document calculates that two teams operating in this way will allow 184,800 injections to be given to 92,400 people in a center working five days a week for the entire four month period of the mass vaccination campaign.
No explicit mention of forced vaccination is made but the document states that everyone in the country without exception is to be vaccinated.
Data from the health insurance bodies are to be used to ensure that everyone receives the toxic "swine flu" jab.
The need to implement measures to track every single person in France to determine whether they have been vaccinated or not is stressed.
Provisions to protect vaccine supplies are included. Emphasis is given to the need to store the vaccines at temperatures between 2 and 8 degrees.
Babies from six months are to be given the vaccines, which contain ingredients such as the adjuvant squalene and also in a dose more than 60,000 times higher than the amount of squalene that caused the Gulf War Syndrome in US and UK soldiers.
The use of squalene is illegal in the USA and UK but is expected to be allowed there too under an emergency pandemic decree.
The French government has bought 94 million doses of “swine flu” vaccine from Baxter, GSK, Novartis and Sanofi to carry out the forced vaccination programme.
The GSK and Novartis vaccines are classified as bioweapons by US and EU regulators and contain the dangerous squalene.
Baxter was found deliberately contaminating vaccine material with the live bird flu virus in Austria this February in order to start a global pandemic. WHO supplied the live bird flu virus, according to Baxter’s own spokesperson.
Baxter, Novartis and GSK executives sit on a key vaccine advisory board of WHO which recommended forced mass vaccinations in July, which are expected to bring in profits as high as 50 billion USD for vaccine companies.
Following WHO’s declaration of a pandemic level 6 emergency on June 11th, the world has moved under military law under WHO’s International Health Regulations 2005 incorporated in member state’s pandemic plans.
this is completely irrelevant on this forum. But since you brought it up, can you show me in the text where it says that the 'citizens will be mass vaccinated without exception'(question mark) i didn't see that part in the text you posted. Did you actually read the text(question mark)