mens hairdressers


hey - can anyone recommend ANY good mens hairdressers in BA??

by this i mean a real cut (not as barber!) - my boyfriend has medium curly hair but any personal recommendations will be a great help!

not looking to spend too much- whats average for a good cut for a guy here?

thanks for any pointers..



Well, I just officially joined this site, because I felt compelled to comment on this one - just last night my boyfriend and I had cuts by Ryan Oakley

He is Canadian and knows what he is doing. It was the first time my boyfriend (argie) ever had a REAL cut with scissors the whole time. It came out great, my novio loves it, and I can´t say enough good things about Ryan - he saved me from that awful v-cut that they "shape" long hair with here. Ugh!!!

Search the site for more about him. Lots of people have commented on their positive experiences with him.