Microsoft Project training wanted- Will Pay


Sep 6, 2007
Hi all,
I work in a small office in Downtown with 5 others from either the US, Canada or in my case England.
We are in need of advanced training for Microsoft Project 2007 and are asking for anyone with sufficient knowledge of the programme to help us out.
Don´t worry as we are very informal and would do the training in a relaxed way and to your preferred style, we´re not going to rush you or make you feel tense about getting everything right in an instant.
It would be paid, we can talk about how much further down the line as that would have to come from our boss and we´ll also buy you a beer or 2 for your troubles.
we want training to be at an advanced level in Microsoft Project pretty much the whole caboodle...we wouldnt be worried about a few bits n bobs missing here n there though.
We´re ideally looking for someone who´s Microsoft ceritified (new news to me) but if anyone feels they´re up to the job then it wouldn´t hurt to give it a try.
We´ve started (some finished) an online training course but the boss wants us to be polished.
Let me know if you or anyone else can help us, post back or call me on 11 31981550