Missed the Milion get-together :( When's the next one?


Nov 16, 2006
After arriving here on Feb 26th and finally getting everything squared away with the apartment, I was excited at the prospect of meeting you all on Friday. Unfortunately, after fighting the cold I started to get when I left San Diego, it finally got the best of me and I just couldn't make it. Anyone up for another one?
A little about me, my name is Ryan from San Diego, 32 years old. I'll be spending at least 3 months here with my Italian greyhound, Bella. She's great to have coffee with, but not allowed in most restaurants and bars...so it'd be great to meet some people on this site to fill that void. I love speaking Spanish, but sometimes my brain just don't want to work that hard.
If anyone wants to get together, either respond here, or at [email protected]
Saw the mention about a poker tournament...sounds like a blast!
Hey Ryan, what's up. The core of us who did the Milion gig just returned from a Boca Jrs. match tonight, so we're starting to have a regular "club," haha. No poker tourney yet, but I did notice that one of us at the football match had a t-shirt which said, "I've got the nuts," so that's something. Anyway, my main tango love just returned to Europe so I might find myself freeing up a bit and would be happy to get together with you at milion or whatever. I'm from CA and always happy to meet peeps "from home." :)Drop me a line at [email protected] and maybe a few of us can get together at milion or whatever. Maybe even have a game of cards before or after. That would be cool.Welcome to BA.