Monthly Living Expenses


Apr 21, 2009
Hello All:

I'll be moving to Buenos Aires in a couple of weeks, and I have almost everything settled, but I wanted to get a sense of how much people live on.

I'll be renting a friend's furnished apartment that includes everything but internet, so I am settled on that front fortunately.

I've looked around on the forum, and have seen a few different threads, but wanted to get people's thoughts on monthly expenses for a relatively non-fancy life, i.e. I will cook mostly at home, won't go for expensive drinks, but will be taking some yoga and dance classes and go out to the occassional peña and milonga.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

There is a website I've come across before, called Yillabean, and this woman has broken down what she spends for even the most trivial elements of her life, and offers a pretty fair representation of what daily life costs, how much it costs to have a little fun, and something about the difficulties of living a single life here. If you can find it -- try googling "yillabean" "buenos aires" -- you should go back to the beginning of the blog and read forward; there is more information of what daily life costs earlier in her experience.

As for me, I have a grand time on less than $1000 USD a month, not counting rent, and think I am living pretty much better than I ever have before. Rent is something else again.