Moving to B.A. in July


Mar 28, 2006
Hello - Just to introduce myself as Marcella "Marcie" - I will be moving to B.A. in July with my family - I have two daughters 17 and 12 years of age - We have lived in Egypt, Canada and just recently moved back to Texas and have only been home for 9 months and will be moving again 1 year to the date - We would appreicate any advise that you can share about living in B.A. -
Please ask more specific questions about living here. Why are you coming and what are your needs?
I agree with my good friend Chris here you should ask more specific questions but I am going to fire away anyway.Ok lets start at the begining, it is said that Argentinian men are the most charming and georgeous in the world so keep a close eye on your 17 year old. Assuming you haven't already decided on where to live I would encourage you not to listen to the Belgrano/Recolta/Palermo voices, it is my sincere opinion that this entire city is practicly nice, besides those three are some of the most expensive to live in , I personally live in Belgrano and like it very much but I'd just as well live someplace like Parque Chacabuco. Other than that I'd advise you to Not follow my example and give advice to others when you practicly have nothing to say.Cheers
So does cajungirl mean you're from Louisiana? I spent some of the best years of my life in there, before moving on to Virginia, Spain and now Argentina. So we already have something in common in knowing what's it's like to change countries. We just moved here in Jan. with our 8-year-old twins and are currently in the throes of adjustment, but I will say that I agree with the comment about not limiting yourself to the Palermo/Recoleta/Belgrano options. This city is full of lovely neighborhoods--lately I'm really liking Almagro since I spend time every week strolling around while my daughter's in her piano class. We actually live in Caballito, which has some really nice parts, but it's a bit on the noisy side for us. Well-connected, though, if you need to get downtown. Please feel free to ask more specific questions!