Moving to BA from US this month


Aug 7, 2008
Ok so as the time grows nearer, I am feeling more and more unprepared. My spanish is weak at best, I was planning on finding a place on craigslist but after reading, this might not be the best idea, and I know absolutely no one. I'm 21, a recent college grad (BA in English and BFA in Film), planning on staying for at least 6 months and need a contact (someone experienced or in a similar situation). I'm a photographer, am obsessed with art and music and want to explore this dimension of BA. Anyone like me? Can anyone help?
A few questions:I was thinking of staying at a hostel while i search for long term accomodations. Are there any alternatives? Will it take longer to find a place than I want to stay at a hostel? Whats the best way of getting money from an american bank account for use in BA?Is there anyone who could perhaps act as a guide for me for a couple of days? I can make it worth your while. Thank you thank you and thank you.Sam.
samtcam, please see lute's posting about an apartment in Palermo. Contact him maybe he can help you for your lodging at least. Good luck!
We just moved and started a blog about our experiences. You can check it out at It covers some of the things you've mentioned. We do not know much Spanish and have been getting along ok. Check out the expat groups, Craigslist, and Facebook too. The hostel sounds like a good way to go since you're going to want to see the place you're staying at.
If you have taste buds, you might want to buy the biggest bottle of Tapatio sauce you can find and bring it down with you. I did and boy am I glad I did.
dave- thanks for the link
Nap- I'm from phoenix az. Picante is essential, is it not readily available?

Any suggestions on city wide transport for someone unfamiliar?
"samtcam" said:
dave- thanks for the link
Nap- I'm from phoenix az. Picante is essential, is it not readily available?

Any suggestions on city wide transport for someone unfamiliar?
Bring your own. Food here is very bland and uninspired.
SPICE- I was living with a family for a while and they had a small bottle of a "Hot Sauce" from Guadalajara. It was almost the exact same as Tapatio (slang for "someone from Guadalajara), but it looked REALLY OLD. I don't know where they got it. Maybe someone else who had stayed with them in the past, maybe you could find it here.
Some grocery stores sell fresh jalepeños.
Also, there is a strange phenomenon here of people selling vegetables right outside of a chain grocery store. It seems odd, but they have better produce than what you'll find inside. Some of these people sell fresh jaleleños.
You can also go to "China Town" in Belgrano (and area of about 4 blocks) to look for things in their grocery stores. They have various forms of hot things that you can't find anywhere else. (Disclaimer- I've never been shopping in the Korean grocery stores of Flores.)

I'm not sure what you mean by this. There is an extensive bus system that runs 24 hours a day. (At nights not as many buses run.) It isn't like some cities in the US where a bus comes at 5:12pm, 5:26pm, 5:41pm... Rather you go to the spot, you stand there and a bus comes. Sometimes 2 or 3 (or more) in a row.
There is a subway system that isn't nearly as extensive as NYC or London, but it is much easier to understand than the bus system.
There are also Taxis EVERYWHERE. I would advise holding out for one of the many different companies that also have "RADIO TAXI" written on them. I've found that you don't get "really fast meters" with these taxis, but with the others you are much more likely to get screwed.
That's all for now.
Hi Sam, I am renting my apartment out on a short term basis as of Monday - it is in Congresso and perhaps would serve you for a week while you look for your own place. Additionally I often work as a guide and would be happy to speak with you about showing you about the city. Please contact me at: [email protected] Best, Michele K.