Moving to BA


Nov 30, 2009
Hello BA People!

This is exciting.

So I am currently getting my masters degree in business up in Philadelphia (originally from Boston, also lived in New York for 6 years) and I run my own online community which allows me to live / travel wherever I want - I can work remotely as long as I have a good internet connection / Skype.

Yesterday I decided I would love to live in BA for an extended period of time even though I have never visited. I have traveled extensively abroad (Spain, Colombia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Iceland, Italy, France, UK, Holland, Ukraine, Poland, etc....) and after doing a bunch of research online BA seemed like a great place to settle for a while to run my business and experience a new culture.

I speak spanish (my mother is colombian) -- I'm a bit rusty but after a few weeks I will be fluent again. Besides staying busy working on my community, I love soccer, squash, poker, and any type of dancing.

I look forward to meeting some of you and thanks in advance for any advice...I still have some time to sell all my stuff and plan since I don't graduate until May.

Hi Patrick,

We are in a similar boat. I will be down there by the time you land. Look me up! I am in New York now.