moving to BsAs


Oct 23, 2008
just wanted to post that im moving to Palermo on december 27 this year.
all posts i've read are quite helpful

Unless you have family here, you'll want to make plans for New Year's. It's a ghost town, nothing like what you would expect from a city this large. Everyone stays in with their family until at least 2am, and a lot of bars don't even open until after midnight because of that. I think there's been some other posts with suggestions as to where to go -- mostly the big hotels: Alvear Palace, Sheraton etc. I would think the Faena would have something as well. Book something before you get here if possible.
For new year, just wait until midnight and join the throngs on the street. Plaza Palermo Viejo becomes a madhouse with all the locals trying to out do each other with bigger and bigger fireworks.
I have never been to a war zone, but the explosions that occur on every corner are just how I would imagine it.
True most bars do not open, or even the milongas, but my recomendation is meet a few freinds have a drink, then get out onto the street and enjoy the biggest free show on earth.:D
thanks! i have an apt in palermo by myself and i was just planning on whta tangobob said. im just gonna wander outside after midnight and find something crazy to enjoy.

do people wear crazy costumes or anything of the sort for NYE? i have a canvas jacket with live-wire lights (thin string-like lights) woven into it that i will be wearing for halloween to a Justice, soulwax, deadmau5 party. would this be something to wear then or a little over the top??

you people are helpful, thanks again!

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I was lucky enough to be in BsAs last Christmas, and I would say that you are more likely to find the place like a Ghost town on Christmas day. Again Christmas eve at midnight all the fireworks go off, but unless you find friends then you will find the day quite dead.
You can of course find an Hotel, but how do you get there? :confused:
My advice is to do as I did, and post here. There are many in the same situation, I was invited to parties by expats and thoroughly enjoyed the day. My only problem was that I had too many places to go and had to rush from one place to another.
I would of course post my thanks here, but I think that they ticked the no publicity box. Thanks anyway.:)
I did not notice anyone wearing crazy costumes or outfits, but I'm sure some people do. The fireworks here are load and crazy. Enjoy.