Moving to Buenos Aires from Rio


Oct 24, 2005
Dear members,

I will be moving from Rio de Janeiro(Barra da Tijuca) on Sunday, December 4th, to Buenos Aires and would appreciate any counsel regarding this change.

I have spent some time on week long business trips to Buenos Aires but I do not know the city all that well.

Any suggestions for living in a peaceful neighborhood-- good for walking and convenient to normal daily activities such as supermarkets, cafes and gyms?

How have folks found nutritional eating and shopping in the markets in the city?

Any suggestions for the best gyms or sports clubs in the city?

And climate tips/trends beginning in December please?

Anyone with experience living and working in Brazil? And how that might compare with the same in Buenos Aires?

Thank you so very much for any tips or direction you might be able to provide me.

Warmest regards,
I have a few comments that might help. I've been here 12 years. I like the "suburbs" rather than the city...places like: San Isidro, Acassuso, Martinez, Olivos. The city has some tranquil places but I wouldn't be an authority on where to live.
Food: there is a LOT of meat consumption...too much...But, you can go to those restaurants and enjoy very large salad bars with lots of choices. Variety is lacking here, but its improving slowly. Sushi is becoming VERY popular, (i am a partner in a restaurant here),....There isnt much Thai food, unfortunatley....If you want to eat healthy, your best bet is buy your stuff in the fruit and vegetable section of the can also find brown rice, beans, lentils, etc....There are a couple vegetarian thats been here a long time, I think its called the Lotus...I have friends that go there...
There are lots of gyms...I can ask some of my "running friends" about which ones are good....
Any more information, like vacation spots, etc....let me know....been here a while.
Take care,
Dear Paul,

Thank you for those helpful ideas.

Could I follow up with you for more specifics via email please?

I´ve lived in the city for three years, in a few neighborhoods. The best neighborhoods are Retiro, Recoleta, Palermo, Belgrano, and Nuñez. I live in Recoleta and enjoy it, although it doesn´t have much of a neighborhood feel, the location is great and it´s beautiful. I have a friend who´s living in Las Cañitas and he enjoys it a lot (it´s a part of Palermo) If you´re looking for something more like the village in nyc, try San Telmo, but stay more towards Paseo Colon and not 9 de Julio. If you want more detailed info, feel free to contact me.