Moving to Buenos Aires in Sept-Oct. Need luxury room/apartment/house to rent! (Sept-Oct)


May 13, 2008
What's up everyone? My name is Salvador Russo. I will be moving to Buenos Aires later this fall, most likely in the September-October time frame. I am looking for a nice apartment in an area of the city with lots of action. Something close to a gym, supermarket, metro, clubs, shopping, etc... Basically something near the heartbeat of the city.
I absolutely must have broadband internet. I can't do without it. Aside from that, I'm easy to please. I would like to use the word "luxury" as far as what type of place I"m looking for. It is just for me, so a one bedroom/bath with a nice kitchen and living room is enough.
I'm a very responsible, intelligent, clean, fun and sociable guy. English is my first language but I"m proficient in Spanish. I spent 7 years in the U.S. Air Force and now am finishing up some work overseas. I'm definately open to house sitting or any other living arrangements. I"m also open to roomates, as long as you are quality people whom I can trust. To get an idea of who I am, please visit
I am very excited about my upcomming move! So please, if you think you can help, email me at [email protected] I"m also looking for work, so keep that in mind =) My specialty is telecommunications and information technology, but I"d rather work in a more social field, like real estate or something nightlife oriented.
Okay amigos! See you all in Buenos Aires!
PS. I"m American born, of Sicilian and Salvadoran blood.
You will find everything you are looking for in Palermo or Belgrano or Recoletta. Except the "work" part, it is doubtful that you will find any reasonable work without a work visa or a DNI. And even then the pay will be miserable. Bring lots of cash. Clean 100s no marks no flaws. And your ATM card for daily needs. Have fun.