Multiple Re-Entries During Months-Long Stay

My two pennoth: You seem to be a normal tourist doing normal tourist things and I'm sure you will be welcomed as such and have no difficulties. The law, as I understand it, is that a visa-exempt tourist may spend up to 180 days in any year being a tourist in Argentina. The mechanics of entry and exit however make it easier than it should be for people to try to misuse border crossings to overstay but again, if you have no intention of overstaying that ought not to be a problem.

To be as absolutely sure as you can be (after all, as BC2 has, I think, said, entry for a foreigner is a concession, not a right) I'd suggest you add together all the days you plan to spend in the country and establish the dates you plan to enter and leave. For each planned entry I'd project how far ahead that new 90day stamp is going to take you. At some point a 90 day stamp would in effect credit you with extra time to which you would not really be entitled and if - I repeat, if - this is queried, that's the point where it would be really sensible to have proof that you plan to leave the country within your cumulative total of 180 days and have that proof ready to show on entry if asked. It might be a plane ticket to your home but so many people tour South America for months or even years that an international bus or ferry ticket should be considered just as normal.
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I've flown back and forth from Argentina to the US about 10 times over the past twelve months and, while I do get a lot of questions, I've never been denied entry and they always write 90 on my entry stamp.
I am somewhat curious as to whether there are any anecdotes on people being granted an extension at Migraciones on their most recent 90-day stamp following months of exits and re-entries, such as in your case or (presumably) in mine. Not really something I am actively considering, but it's always useful to know what exactly my options ::might:: be should I return in January after all this pinball moving about is said and done for 2019.

My sense is that there is a significant chance it would be rejected, particularly if I am already close to the half-a-year mark in terms of cumulative days in the country. that case I am wondering if a rejection comes with orders to immediately depart or if you can theoretically just overstay beyond 90 and pay the fine at Ezeiza upon leaving. If I return in January, I could envision a scenario where I might not permanently decamp from the country until a bit after the 90-day mark from my arrival, assuming I got yet another 90-day stamp.
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