Music resource- When are concerts?


Aug 7, 2008
I am into some really obscure bands that will, most likely, never make it down to BsAs. But as a reference, where does one "in the know" become so. Websites? Periodicals? Anything helps!
I don't know, but a friend of mine does. (I'll find out where he finds his tips.)
Also: LUNA PARK has a lot of concerts. It' is about a 2,000-4,000 seat arena thing. The range of bands that play there spans the gamut. They also sell tickets to other events in town.
As the weather warms up down here (thus cooling off north of the hemisphere) a lot of bigger bands come for a visit. I saw the Killers at a large stadium last year. There are also some music festivals.
I hate stadiums.
But I always have a good time at Niceto-

The Melvins and Mudhoney obscure enough for you?
Plus, great local bands like Me Darás Mil Hijos or Juana Molina play there as well.

The Zizek electronic/dance club there, with its huge network of related artists and events, is cool too.
Here is an interesting free podcast of an hour of contemporary porteno club/dance music-

Wicked BA is another place to look to see whasup.

And there is the actual WhatsUp site-