Need Help to plan a patagonia trip


Mar 7, 2008
HI all,

I'm wondering if you guys have some advice for me. I have friends coming the last 2 weeks of November and we are planning a week of that to be in Patagonia. We were hoping to fly into Trelew (near Puerto Madryn) and rent a car and then either head west toward Bariloche and circle back, or fly out of a different city if we can drop the rental car off in a different location.

I found great tix on aerolineas argentina to trelew. THe problem - how do I pay?! I used the both the USA site and the UK one since I think you have to be a resident to use the AR site. And of course, only the AR Site seems to have pay online option. The USA site lets me make a reservation and never says where I can pay, besides a sales office in Miami and New York.
I was so excited about tix because it was only $240 US return for BA-Trelew-BA. Worth paying the extra $70 over the bus to gain the time and comfort

Any advice? Any other airlines that go to Puerto Madryn or near? Or should I fly into Bariloche and do it the other way around? I found LADE airlines but the site won't work...

Thanks for any advice!
Any Argentine friend that can buy the tickets for you? I don't know if this is possible here: one paying (who cares who pays) and another flying.