Need home for an adorable 6 week old kitten!


Feb 5, 2010
She ran up to me on the sidewalk in the rain a few weeks ago. She is 6 weeks old (+/-),sweet, loving and an endless source of entertainment. It breaks my heart to part with her, but I am unsure of my near future plans so it is best that I find her a permanent stable home. I am moving tomorrow and the place does not allow cats. PLease contact me if interested.
:( Ooh, sad. I wish I could help, but I've already adopted one and am in the same boat. I'd make a flyer, and see if your local pet store will put it up? Also, maybe ask your neighbors if they are interested. Best of luck, I hope you find someone!

P.S> Didn't you post about this in another thread, and Perry indicated that he was interested?
I can take her on a temporary basis until we find a home for her. Where are you? Let me know where you are & where we can meet.
There is www.centro an adoption agency. You must call them to find out whether or not they can accept your animal for adoption. Kittens two-months old are the easiest to place. They accept animals and you make a donation to the agency for food and medical care. The agency promises to place them with responsible people. Cats must be spayed/neutered at six months. They do not publish their locations on the website.

I brought three 8-week old kittens that were adopted within days. Their photos were posted on the website, and I knew when they were adopted. The female cat has been with me for three years after living on the street for more than a year.