Need shipping advice


Jan 9, 2010
I need some advice on how to best ship a computer from the US to Argentina. My work computer was stolen (while I was using it!). They will only send me a US imaged computer to a US address. I then need to get it shipped here to Buenos Aires. Does anyone know the best way to do this so it doesn't get caught in customs?

I must have my computer pre-configured and the latin configuration will not work for what I have to do.

I sincerely appreciate any knowledgeable advice!!!!
- Kelley
Hate to be a downer, but you'll likely have to pay customs charges unless you can find someone willing to bring it into the country as part of their checked luggage
As I have said before I am back and forth... We could work something out...

Ok now all the conspiracy theorist GO. Tell me it might have drugs in it and that what I would be doing is illegal... blah blah blah.

Shut up.
You just need to make sure the value is below 25 USD. Label as books just to make sure. Seems to work fine. If you ship with a private forwarder (not USPS) it most likely will not be stolen.

You can also buy a Spanish laptop and order a keyboard from the States.
Lee said:
That will not work. All packages are opened to assure that they contain what is stated on the customs forms.

Not true. I got my Kindle delivered like that and it was never opened. Although I might have been lucky.
Hi Kelley,

I can relate to your problem because my Apple broke last December and I had thought about the same doing at first.

After talking to FedEx, I figured that, on top of their services, Customs here would charge me 50% on the price of the new Apple to be brought to BA from the US. Do not even think of relabeling it as something else, because the guys at Customs mostly know what they are opening and will not lose any chance at making money...

So, I bought a new Apple here to be able to keep working. Since I had a backup for my Apple (everything was in English), they transferred it all to my new computer plus I got an Apple with an international keyboard, so I can change between Spanish and English by hitting one key (I am an Argie). The MacStore, BTW, on Riobamba and Sta. Fe was just great, American-customer service style!

It is a question of whether you can wait till you go back or what computer you'd like to buy down here. If not, go and talk to the FedEx guys to explore bringing the computer here further...

Best of luck.