New Argentina News & Video Sites In English

Hello all,

I'm not new to Argentina but I am new to this forum. I wanted to share two new sites that may be of interest. One is a new Argentina news blog.

I know, another blog, just what the world needs, right? This is not a personal blog, however. It's all original content and analysis. It's written carefully. My aim is show you things about Argentina that you might not see elsewhere. I've been a journalist here for a decade. The other site is an online video spot with exlusive content in English. It's very new and is in the experimental stages but my goal is to keep adding original content to and keep making it better and better.

You can see the blog here:

And the video site (called Scooping Argentina) here:

BTW, if you have story ideas for either the blog or Scooping Argentina, please let me know. I'd be happy to explore them.

Take care and best wishes to you all,