New face in a strange place


Mar 17, 2010
Hi guys, this seems like a warm forum, just the kind I'd like to start posting on! I moved to Recoleta a month ago, loving the city so far, knowing there's so much hidden away, to be discovered, its a fun time.

Probably cliche to post a blog but once upon a time I was a serious writer, so if you enjoy a travel blog with a little effort I'd love for you to check it out:

Look forward to chatting with you guys.
You made the right decision! What made you choose Recoleta? My office is on the border of Recoleta/Palermo, love the area. If you want to get out and see the city on two wheels, let me know!

i actually knew some people who had a spare room in their recoleta house (in between Libertadoe and Las Heras), and i work from the internet so the transition was easy. even if i had to choose, i think id still pick to live here, although its close, palermo soho is a very cool area :)

Now I'm getting ready for a big st patricks day, it will be very interesting to see how much the locals get into the spirit!
I'm a few blocks from you (and work on the internet too!) so drop us a line if you fancy a beer in the next week or so. Welcome.
Welcome...I thought "sevens" was rugby not football.:) Have a son who's a mad All-Blacks fan. Where is the gringa-fest on Monday nights? (Looking for stuff to do and other ex-pats to go out with.)