new in BA & opening business + need some advice


Oct 13, 2005
Hello everyone!
I am a newcomer to Buenos Aires and I have decided to stay here and open a small business. I probably will have a restaurant-bar plus renting a small piece of real estate. I speak decent spanish and I believe I am adapting well with the locals.
Now the process with the migration seems a little complicated. Anyone out there who has some experience as investor in Argentina, and with the immigration in Buenos Aires?
I appreciate your help and comments.
Argentine taxes:
Municipal/City State:
1 - Publicidad. Publicity (Signs and such).
2 - Alumbrado, barrido y limpieza: For public cleaning, it is levied regardless of the service being proporcionated.
3 - Pillars, awnings, etc.
4 - Contribuciones. Optional.
Provincial State
5 - Ingresos Brutos: Gross Income.
6 - Impuesto Automotor: Tax over Vehicles.
7 - Impuesto de Sellos: Stamp Tax, over commercial and real estate contracts.
National State
8 - IVA: VAT.
9 - Ganancias: Income Tax, levied on the worldwide income of argentine citizens and resident aliens, just like its US counterpart.
10 - Bienes Personales: Asset Tax.
11 - Ganancia Mínima Presunta: It has a strange relationship with #9. Basically, If you don't pay #9 you will pay this. It is based on the concept that idle capacity don't exist in a good faith environment.
12 - Cargas y Contribuciones. Employer must deduct certain percentajes from the employee's pay and add an extra from his/her own.
13 - Impuesto sobre débitos y créditos bancarios: Tax over bank deposits/withdrawals. A portion could be used to pay #10.
14 - Título del automóvil: Tax over vehicle transferences.

Note1: A simplified mechanism unifies #8, 9 and 12, but you act as a entrepreneur, so you can't have any employees.
Note2: Municipal and Provincial State are a single entity in the city Buenos Aires.
Note3: You must ask for authorization from the local government for opening a place to conduct bussiness.
Note4: Taxes are part of the accountants field of work in this country.
Note5: Don't forget utilities aren't included in this list.
Sorry, #13 is wrong, it should be:
"13 - Impuesto sobre débitos y créditos bancarios: Tax over bank deposits/withdrawals. A portion could be used to pay #9."

You could have 3 IDs in this country when conducting business:
1. DNI: National ID number, mainly for identification purposes.
2. CUIT: Based in the DNI or Passport number, is an ID issued by the federal tax authority (AFIP)
3. CUIL: The argentine equivalent to the US social security number.
Note that federal (National) taxes have a set of rules of their own about residence. In other words, legal residence is not required for you to be forced to pay taxes, in the remote event you were caught.