new in riding anyone?


Jun 15, 2009
Canadian taking a year off to study espagnol and travel Argentina and some neighbouring countries by moto. Does anyone know of a nice motorbike club/touring club that I may look into? Not looking to start a new chapter of hells angels here...but cool guys and girls that like to take their enduro's or trail bikes off for long weekends or day trips outside the capital federal. I am looking to buy a honda falcon NX 400...I think it is big enough to take me all over Argentina, yet small enough to zip to school and explore BA. All comments appreciated! Thanks for the kind welcome!

I love the idea and were I younger I would be tempted. My only comment would be, enjoy the open country, but forget the city. Take a cab or the subte or even a bus, but use a moto in the city only if you have a death wish. The road surface is awful, the taxistas will hate you, every motorised vehicle will rain death on you and other motos ride like it is the last day on earth.

Otherwise you will have fun :D
HAHA! Good advice..but I will be careful in the city. By the way...I am not so young myself...40 this year! This trip is my "mid-life crisis" maybe the motorcycle is as well. Thanks for the advice!
Good luck, I had a similar mid life crisis around the same age, took my test on a bike and set off across Europe.
My wife and I got as far as South of France and Gibralta. I would not have missed it for the world.
Incidentally, have you read The Motorcycle Diaries by Che Guevara? that should inspire you.
TangoBob is oh so right....the motorcycle drivers here in BA seem to have a death wish! Helmet use has gotten some better since they have enforced some laws...but usually it's worn on your arm...insane! And get them at a stop light and it's like a horse race...who can get off the light first and before the light turns green!!! Zip between the cars, cabs, buses...don't know how many times we have almost hit one because of their "dodging" between cars....insane at best!!

I have seen the Sunday Harley riders on Libertador and they are better for the most part...unless the traffic is clear and then all bets are off...bats out of hell!

My husband is a long time rider and even he choose not to bring his bike here and ride...wanted to live longer!!
just bought a new Honda Falcon....will be reeeaaaaal careful! Thanks very much both of you!
Joe, I am one of those previously mentioned bat outta hell Harley riders. We ride everyweekend. I dont know of any enduro rides but Im sure that if you look in the dealers with that kind of bikes, you will find some kind of organized rides. From there you will meet people who want to do it more than the once a month organized ride and can probably get together any weekend for a session of in your face, off road, WFO (wide f'n open) motorsports.. :eek:
You will like the Falcon, nice choice.. (Dont tell any of my HD friends I said that though, they may disown me) ha If you want to meet up sometime to talk bikes, or whatever, shoot me a PM
Ride safe and keep it upright..
Hannstew, wow an actual Harley rider communicating with a non-Harley rider! Gee thanks for the information and the offer....truly much appreciated!
Right on bro! I would be interested in hearing about some favorite memories of the trip and pics if you would like to share any.