New in town!

Hi there,
I arrived in Bs As last thursday. I am going to work as an English teacher for about 6 months. Even though I am not new to Bs As it's a new experience as far as living and working in this city is concerned. I find it exhilarating :)
Does anybody have experience with storing their valuables in a safety deposit boxe? Any other suggestions on how/where to store valuables?
depends what valuables ,,we used a storage facility calle novembre 24.very good.
but if its jewellery etc then why not ask the bank,,,,,
if they dont have the facility then they should be able to point you in the right direction.
Hi Davey, could you give us more info on the storage facility you used calle november 24?

We are leaving BA for 6 weeks then returning for all of next year, but dont want to bring stuff home (just to bring it back again..we certainly dont need summer clothes in Ireland at the moment, its -4).