new in town


May 10, 2009
Just thought I would follow "protocol" and post a little bit about myself here...

I've been in Buenos Aires for almost 3 weeks now. I visited for a week last year and immediately fell in love with the city. I met a lot of portenos working in the United States this year and made many good friends. When my job ended, and it came time to decide what was next, something about this country, and especially this city, seemed to call to me.

I'm here to learn and practice castellano, to learn and play music (I am already a musician, but would love to add to my knowledge), to meet people from all over the world, to (hopefully) experience working in a different country, to travel, explore, and more.

I have many friends around the city with whom I've been staying, and have and will occasionally drop into a hostel to try and meet some fellow travelers. I am looking for a more permanent living situation, although it needs to be affordable. I'm not a middle-aged traveler with years of savings underneath me. If anyone has anything that hasn't already been posted on the forums, please let me know. Or just post it, and you will most likely hear from me.

If anyone has any recommendations regarding where to find musicians, both local and from abroad, please pass them this way. I will also gladly accept any general recommendations, but understand that the most common one will probably be to use this forums search function.

I'm an explorer and always enjoy a conversation with someone new. I'm interested in meeting any and all interesting people. If this interests you, express that interest with me

Un abrazo,