New Member 'Connaxis'


May 23, 2009
Hi there,

Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Peter van Grinsven. I am Dutch and have been living in Bs As for the last 5 years. I live in Palermo Chico with my wife Bertha who is from Peru. Some interesting facts are that I started Expatica communications B.V. ( in 2000 which is now the biggest expat community in the world. Our slogan "I am not a tourist' was a smashing hit with the local expats. It has local websites in many European countries. The last two years I spend building Connaxis ( Connaxis is Creative Outsourcing Specialist. Our strategy is to sell the creativity of Argentina to the rest of the world. We think that Argintina provides the best price / quality in creative services. Next to creative services we provide programming, internet marketing and support. We have about 50 professionals working. Have a look for our Portfolio.

I am planning to become an active member of baexpats. I think I can help out in various ways looking at my current activity and what I did in the past. The forum developed by baexpats is already a great start. Furthermore we employ a lot of foreigners. We have country teams for every mayor market. We target the USA with a complete native American team: a account manager, a project manager, a internet marketing specialist and even native American programmers. Same for our marktes in European. This strategy has worked very well for us. We are constantly looking for new employees for Programming, Internet Marketing, Sales, Project Management and Support. When you have interest working for us you can send an email to [email protected].

Finally we are in the process of generating more and more local business. Since expats are often entrepreneurs we can make them their first website. Lately we have made a website for Fred. Fred has shipped a Lincoln Town Car form the US to Argentina and has now started a remise service. We made him a bookings page:

We think that you will find a reliable and knowledgeable partner in Connaxis to make your start in this new country.

So, I hope that I will meet a lot of new friends here. Buenos Aires is a great city. I hope we can help each other to enjoy it even more.

Greetings - Peter