New to bA from NYC


Feb 2, 2008
Hi everyone! My friend recommended I sign up for this site to meet some people. Could you let me know when there is a next dinner or happy hour? I would like to meet some friends while I am here for the next month to explore the city with! Thanks all! Cynthia
Hi Cynthia, My wife and I just moved down here from NYC. We live in San Telmo. I'm sure we'll run into each other at get-togethers. What brought you to BA? Jason
Cynthia, I got here a couple of weeks ago from the Left Coast and am living in Las Canitas for a couple of months. I have no idea when the next event is, but I could use someone to grab a drink or dinner with, since the last of my friends are returning home tomorrow.
Cheers, [email protected]
I also came from NYC to BA but several years ago, so I can give proven tips to anyone in need. I´ve been waiting to see the date for the next dinner since I missed the January one but no news yet.
I live in the northern suburbs where its much nicer to spend the summer months than in the city. Am willing to meet anywhere for coffee, or a drink, or a walk. Please feel free to e-mail me since I don´t check these posts often.
Regards, Joe [email protected]
Maybe we full-on BA noobies should just arrange our own thing! I want to check out Milion, but there's, er... milions of places to try.And if anyone wants to learn how to tango and hit a milonga, I can teach you and we can go. :)
Hi everybody, just arrived from the U.K. and looking to meet some friendly faces. Blake, count me in if there´s going to be a breakaway newbie gathering!
Hi, Ed, I dropped you a note here with some info.Cheers - b
Hey Blake, can U send me that info also please? We just missed a SAE Happy Hour last Thursday but let me know whatever else you guys plan on doing. I´m from out of town so I have to basically follow your guys suggestions.
Hi, Joe, Okay, I dropped you a note with the info. Cheers, b