New to bA from NYC


Hi Andrea,
I sent note with info.
We meet tonite can U come?
The place is Milion, Parana 1048, 9pm
Hope you can come,


Hola todos! =)I'm new to the site and new to Bs As. I just arrived here from NY and would love to meet up with people. I'm hoping to learn the language and to learn tango as well! I'm still figuring things out and will be here until the end of please let me know if anyone wants to meet up.
=) Belinda


Hi Belinda,
I´m meeting with another female New Yorker tonite in Palermo Hollywood around 9 pm, and U are welcome to join us. (that would make us 3 fellow N.Yorkers!) [today is Good Friday, March 21]
Mail me at or call or text me to 1-55-11-22-835, so we can find eachother.
Hope to meet you then, Joe


Hey guys / girls, I'll be there starting april 1st, and would love to start my stay by making some accquaintances.. my spanish will SUCK when i first get there so it'd be cool to meet some english speakers to crack some witty jokes with...


Hey Guys-
I'm another NYC to BA'er (well at least for my last three years before moving here in Dec. 06). Faced with the same predicament as you all, namely not knowing anyone, I ended up starting Expat Connection, We now have 1,300 people that get our emails and are hosting 2 to 4 events every week bringing expats and locals together. Check out our site that has all our events listed and I hope to meet some of you soon- Martin


I Speak spanish and english fluently, i´m from BA. I travel to Boston every year.So if I can be helpful my AIM is "pablopan88", msn and email ""