New to BA...staying until August


Jan 4, 2009
Hola a todos!

I have recently arrived in Buenos Aires from Chicago, IL and am very interested in meeting some new people. I am a 23 year old female, recent college graduate, and am here in Buenos Aires on a fellowship program, working at a Foundation in the city. I am going to medical school once I get back to the states, but for now I am just loving living in Argentina! Let me know if you are interested in meeting up or grabbing a coffee or something!

Buenvenidos Marie! I just arrived too and would love to meet up for coffee, a drink, whatever! I am in Retiro, at Santa Fe and Talcahuano. Sent me a PM if you'd like to get together and exchange stories sometime.
hey marie, i've been here a little over a week and am from Los Angeles. My brother is staying with me until monday so i have my hands full, but when he's gone i would love to meet up. i've only got a few friends here so far and would love to make more!
send me a message if you want to hang out sometime.

Hi Marie, Lostnation, and Others:)

I am a female professional in Bs.As. taking spanish classes for my work in healthcare. I am looking to meet new people for fun and good conversation. Anyone interested in meeting for coffee etc?
I have been here a week already and would like to meet some new folks.
Hey All,

I have been living and working here for a year, but am always up for meeting new people. Let me know if you decide to meet up! If you need help figuring out a central location, I can take the lead....
Hi Maria,

My name is Giles, 32 and im from London.
Been here for about a year and would love to show you the sights.
Im starting to feel like a tour guide as i keep recomending BA to friends so when they arrive i give them the tour.
Its a cool city with loads to do.

Chat me back or email [email protected]

Habla pronto

It seems like we have enough interested people to try and arrange something, would anybody want to meet Thursday or Friday evening? If not, maybe next weekwill work.
Hi Everyone,

There are a couple of groups you should know about which are great ways to meet people in the city.

Start-Ups Buenos Aires is a group that organizes After office gatherings (happy hours) once a month. It's very informal and casual. The theme is around entrepreneurs and distance workers who need to get out and meet people. Though I have to say that it is a good mix of people from all walks of life, more Argentines are discovering us and all are welcome. I'm one of the organizers. No charge to get in, just some nice discounts on the drinks. It's on Facebook.

The other group is "Argentina Wine Tasting Group". It's a smaller group that gets together at an expat wine cellar and organizes a wine tasting around some theme once a month. The cost is usually 35 pesos and goes towards what we drink. It's organized by Gary and can also be found on face book.

If you are not on facebook, drop me a message and I can put you on the mailing list for Start-Ups. You can also check out my blog Up-Starts Buenos Aires where I usually will post up-coming events.

Anyway, hope to see some new faces soon.

Jonathan Harada
Hi, all. I´m also a recent college grad, female, from U.S.A. Would love to meet new people! I have no schedule, no job yet, so I am available pretty much any time.
Saludos de Z
What's up everyone? My name is Salvador, or just Sal for short. I'm a 26 year old guy from the States who just finished 7 years in the USAF and almost 2 in the Middle East as a contractor. I "woke up" and decided that path was not for me. So, I live here now to study, live, grow, and detox the military life.

I'd love to meet with anyone for a drink or a meal or whatever. My email is [email protected] and on Myspace I'm at

Looking forward to meeting some quality people and having some good times =) God bless and see you soon!

Sal =)