New to BsAs


Feb 2, 2009
Hello Everyone,

My name is David, I'm 24 and I just got into town yesterday. I'm originally from the Denver area in Colorado and came down to teach English. I've got an apartment in Flores for the time being and I plan on being in BsAs for a while. I would love to meet some new people, so if anyone would like to grab a beer or just hang out let me know.

[email protected]
Hi David! I just got here as well and am also looking for people to hang out with. I love grabbing beers or just hanging out...but especially grabbing beers. haha. anyway, if you would like to do that sometime, send me an email. [email protected]
Ok, I'm in too! Same boat as the rest of you.. Arrived 3 days ago from Thailand! Though I am a Chicagoan, not Thai. So any plans or ideas? Beers on a sweet teresa some place?
awesome. i think someone should name a time and a place and we should meet there. I have no idea about anything yet. good places to eat, drink, etc.
If you manage to organize something, let me know, I'd love to join. I've been here for about 2 weeks - I'm 21 and from the US, here to teach english for a while.
Jennie what part of the city are you in? Like I said I'm in Flores, so a bit south of KateinBA and marktomaras. From what I hear Palermo has a pretty good night life. It being Friday I say we start the weekend off right and meet up in Palermo for drinks and what ever else comes about. Marktomaras any suggestions on where we can meet?
haha hate to break it to you DDP but it's we can continue the weekend ;) I'll let it slide since you just got in a few days ago...damn jetlag. Anyway i wont be able to get back to my computer until about 8 tonight but Palermo is fine with me...Julia and I have met up before in this area and there's plenty going on. We can pick somewhere else in the area or to be easy just pick somewhere in plaza serrano? I don't know a lot of places either but Malas Artes or El Taller, etc right on the plaza? my number is 11(15) 6686 4638, let me know the plans or ill check back here later tonight- ciao
There's a cool, large outdoor cafe near Recoleta Cemetary called Café La Biela which is a nice to hang out for beers or vinos in the afternoon. Lots of people, near the parks, away from traffic. So, let's call it Sunday afternoon (feb15) at 5PM! Who's in?

if you can find the famous church called Iglesia de Nuestra Señora del Pilar en el barrio de la Recoleta, you'll easily find La Biela. The cafe is on the corner of Av. Pres. Manuel Quintana & The Cemetary

Here's some links on the place - it's pretty cool...
Are you all meeting up just tomorrow or tonight as well? I'd be down for a bar tonight - like Kate said, there are tons of places around Plaza Serrano where we could meet up to start. My number is 1133 212 947